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April 25, 2018

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For River, the unborn child

February 16, 2018

I’ve known Nicky (mother-to-be) for a little over a year. We bonded through our mutual love of music. 

I was fortunate enough to attend her intimate baby blessing which was steeped in ritual and ceremony. Nicky had taken the time to make us each a bracelet adorned with a shell to represent the portal into earth and a tree symbol to represent the giving of life which we were to cut when the baby’s chord had been cut to signify River’s own independence. She had also made us a candle to light when we received notification that she was in labor. 


The sincere honouring of this young man’s life was deeply moving to me. I felt that Nicky had undoubtedly considered what kind of example she wanted to set for her child and it was apparent that her sense of responsibility extended well beyond motherhood and flowed into deeper areas like caring for our planet. 


I wanted to encapsulate Nicky’s beautiful heart & the individual intentions of each of the participating women who blessed this young man’s life in this image to allow for deeper crystalising of those intentions. 


River, may your name represent how you move through life.







 Above are some images of the beautiful baby blessing ceremony.  


For the creation of the conceptual image I made some origami boats a few days prior with the help of a youtube tutorial, bought some candles to place them where the mast would normally be and then I brought with me some satin that I had in my creative tool kit.   


Thankfully we had Millie on hand to help with the hair flicks and also holding the satin in place as the wind was quite enthusiastic on the day.  


We had a little time left over at the end so we took the opportunity to take a few extra 'maternity' images.  













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