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April 23, 2018

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April 25, 2018

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Calling in inspiration

February 13, 2018


Quite often I find little props around that I keep as I know that I will one day want to use them in a shoot.  The idea might not immediately be obvious to me, but it seems to evolve gradually most of the time... but I just trust that gut feeling and hold onto it until the time comes.  


So when I remembered that my parents had this horn at home, I thought it would be perfect to include in a conceptual shoot.  


At first I tried throwing my brother in the pool at Christmas dressed in a long cape of floating,  soaked satin, with ominous face paint.  I asked his friend to run around the pool with a smoke bomb (something I probably should have warned my parents about) whilst I took the photos.  Unfortunately that was a shoot that didn't turn out as I'd hoped as the background was way too distracting... but I am glad we have those fun memories and I learnt something new in regards to shooting with smoke bombs.  Half the fun of creating art is just testing theories out.  


I had a second idea and it was the one you see below: 


“Calling in inspiration”  

When I lose my creative mojo I take myself down to where I can feel the power of Mother Nature. Nature is never stagnant and ever evolving which is exactly how I aspire to live my life. Nature teaches me to surrender into the most expansive part of my being, which is beyond physical form, beyond worry, beyond feeling small, beyond ego. 

From there, I return to creating for the sake of creating. From there I feel my true expression rebirthing. 


We had a lot of fun shooting this.  It was a beautiful afternoon.  After several days of bad weather the sun decided to make a grand entrance just before the nightfall.  The colours were nothing short of extraordinary.  


Michelle had no hesitation about braving the waves face first for the sake of the image.  We had some curious onlookers who shared our laughter at each wave's passing.  It was one of those magical evenings where we truly felt so lucky to be alive, cheesy as that may sound.  












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