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April 25, 2018

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"Transformation" series with Julie Hayes

February 7, 2018


“Transformation” – part one “Shedding the skin”

In nature, snakes shed their skin on a regular basis. Leaving them vulnerable & fragile for several days after the process. But they continue to shed to allow for growth, as they no longer fit the skin they were in. It’s a constant evolution. 

Humans, on the other hand are not forced to expose themselves to the dangers that snakes face when going through Ecdysis, as we don’t have to shed our skin… it’s a choice we are free make; to evolve or not to evolve.  

What if we all had the courage to shed our skin and become something bigger than we are? What if we all gave ourselves permission to commit to ourselves one hundred percent? What if we stopped comparing ourselves to others, and just challenged ourselves to be a little better than the person we were yesterday? What if we stopped listening to the voices that say “you can’t”? Imagine what life would be like if we all strived to reach our full potential! 

How I see the first step to self-actualisation is to let go of limiting beliefs & having the confidence in yourself to trust your intuition and your capabilities, in spite of what challenges are presented.  

Thank you to the ever evolving Jules, the wonderful supportive Kelly Penney, their pet snake, Strangles and my talented and kind bother Arterium Angledal for the help with creating this image. 

Shot at the incredible The Arts Yard, Bangalow.



“Transformation” – part two “Self-Nurture” 

After you’ve decided to commit to yourself one hundred percent, I believe it’s crucial to spend time alone.  

It is when you get to know and trust yourself that you start recognizing that the answers are not outside of yourself. You have wisdom within you that is unique to you, and that is not given to you by accident. But no one is going to source that wisdom from you if you do not spend time harnessing your gifts. The more love and support you can give to yourself, the more you can give to others.  

This is not a unique concept… it’s one that I have read several times but only started to truly know and recognise it at my truth in recent months.  

My friends make fun of me because I have a large box of weird props like feathers and the like. At the time of purchase I have not really known why I've bought them… but now that I have begun this journey of creativity for creativity’s sake, I see now that it all makes sense! Time spent just trusting that I need to spend (cough cough) an embarrassing amount on weird props, & then using them to cultivate ideas has been essential for my personal growth as an artist.  

My props are to help inspire me to create art, & art starts conversations and encourages connection within the community… and connection is something I value deeply.  

Connecting to myself has enabled me to build stronger connections to others and that is definitely worth creating for <3



“Transformation” – part 3 “Self-Actualisation”

Success to me is not defined by external factors. Neither fame, material wealth, nor social status have any influence over how I measure success. What I strive for is to continuously reach a point of self-actualisation. It’s impermanent in nature and commands me to be in integrity with my true purpose. This keeps me pushing myself to try new things… to take risks, fall down and get back up.  

How I see Self-Actualisation is working towards dreams that only YOU can set for yourself, reaching those goals and surprising yourself with your potential beyond what was thought possible. Success to me is a very personal thing & doesn’t need to be witnessed by anyone else, but you can feel it in your being when you’ve experienced it, or when those around you are experiencing it. 

I recently went to a home concert where a good friend, Kate was performing her original music. I could feel her authentic expression in her music and it was evident that her entire band was so invested in her vision because the music was so meticulously performed that it brought me (and others) to tears. I was overwhelmed with joy at seeing her and her band create something so beautiful from something that started with so much as an idea.  

There is nothing I love more than to see people have the confidence to be true to themselves and their dreams. It has a ripple effect & surrounding myself with people who have the courage to follow their dreams has certainly influenced my own personal journey.  

There is power in all of us to reach our full potential, not just some of us. Your dreams can lie dormant in you, but they are always there.  




For this series, I wanted to shoot all three parts on the same location in Bangalow.  This meant that it was quite a long day for everyone involved as we had to be mindful that there was an animal involved and also patience required from the model who would need to sit still for quite some time whilst I painted her with clay.  


It all went to plan with the kind help of our unofficial snake keepers, Kelly and a besotted Arterium. 


I was actually an emotional wreck on the drive down to the location as this was the most elaborate shoot I had yet to attempt and I realised that should I be successful, I would also be transformed in the process and have my own personal 'self-actualisation' experience in regards to my  journey as an artist.  It was one of those moments in life that almost stand still in time... truly one of my most significant days yet.  


So when we gathered at the location (The Arts Yard, Bangalow), we all sat in circle and shared our intentions for the day, with strangles part of the circle inspecting her new surroundings.  Then we chanted the Gayatri Mantra together.  I cried a lot as I felt my gratitude for both my brother's support and my beautiful friend's trust in my vision, and then we began with shooting the series.  


Thankfully all went to plan.  














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