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April 23, 2018

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April 25, 2018

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The good thing about self-doubt

January 31, 2018

Sometimes self-doubt sneaks its way in like an unwelcomed guest at a dinner party and boldly helps itself to a large serving of your confidence.  All you can do is watch in disbelief at it happens.  Other times it is just the distant sound of motorway traffic keeping you awake whilst you are trying to get to sleep.   Either way, just like everything else, it comes and it goes. 


I believe self-doubt is not the enemy of creativity & in fact it can be a useful tool to gauge whether or not we are expressing ourselves authentically.   It can help us measure if our voice is being diluted by others louder than our own, It can appear when we are in a place of disconnect from self.  It can appear when we have the desire to achieve something but we lack the knowhow.  Sometimes we just have to keep on wading through the muddy waters of uncertainty with the faith that our own voice will become louder with each step closer to the shore, and hope that old friend, self-doubt might be too intimidated by our sense of trust to join us on the journey.    


Finding and trusting your own voice takes courage.   It’s not an easy path & failure is inevitable.  But just like with photography, there is no light without the shadow, and there is no achievement without first experiencing failure.   It’s through trial and error that our spirit becomes more resilient and we discover where our strengths lie. 


So the more we build trust within ourselves, the clearer we understand our unique gifts, and the more we can offer the world in terms of authenticity.  One way to build that trust is to keep on listening to our intuition, and giving our ideas momentum through inspired action.   It’s completely natural to question ourselves in the process, but if we treat it like an adventure we become less attached to the outcome and just ride the wave of joy that comes simply from discovering new things.   The wonderful thing about that is that you don’t always know where it will lead you, and you become one experience richer in the process. 


All of us have ideas that are worthy of exploring; all of us have gifts that are unique.  Creative energy is not just given to just a lucky few; it’s available to all us.   It’s a simple choice, to tap into it and let something be born out of it, or to let it pass as just an idea.   If we chose not to follow our own creative ideas we can easily become part of someone else’s dream.   This is not to say that that is either good or bad, it just is.


I believe that there is no greater gift that we can offer the world than to walk a path that is true to ourselves so we can help others have the confidence to do the same.   


Your voice matters.  Your story matters.  You matter.  








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