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September 12, 2017





I sometimes find myself in situations where I feel like I don’t trust my own instincts enough and as a result, I conform to someone else's ideals about how I should live my life. Sooner or later, I feel stuck and rigid and can’t seem to hear my inner most thoughts… and then I am once again wondering how I got into a situation where I am not living my truth. 


We are all born with a natural curiosity. But somehow over time, this can get lost under the 'busyness' of life...Whether it's lack of faith in one's abilities, lack of confidence or just pressure from external forces, somehow we can end up stuck working on someone else's dream if we don’t check in & allow ourselves to slow down once in while. 


Our imagination is limitless. We all have talents and passions worth exploring… and when we do, it has a ripple effect. People can feel when you are in your natural flow, and it's contagious! It’s our mind that cages us in if we let it. 


My friend, Felicity, said to me over the weekend "Life is so much better when you treat it like a fairytale". I absolutely agree... problems just become little stepping stones that you can almost fly over with your make-believe wings, the waves tumbling your little body around like a ragdoll can make you realise just how much fun you can have without spending a single dollar.  Life is indeed, so much better when you treat it like a fairytale.  



For this image, I needed a model, as I wanted to be certain of symmetry, and it was too difficult a distance to manage on the self-timer with the stillness required in the water.  The lovely, Jade Peterson was kind enough to help me out & it was a bloody cold morning!  


I needed to create a few images, as I wanted it to look like her hair was her ignited inspiration, but I also wanted her back exposed to look like a human pillar.  


I made some origami birds for 60 cents, and a youtube tutorial taught me how to make them.  


If you're wanting to create something but you don't know how to do it, just give it a go... I can promise you at the very least you'll have FUN, and that is worth getting out of bed for :-) 






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