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My name is Linda Angledal.  I'm an Australian Artist who likes to create Films, Photographic Art, Rake Art, Music and Blogs.  

I feel the richest when I am free to create whatever I see in my imagination, be it rake art on the beach in a remote location, climbing a mountain in a dress to sing on the top of my lungs to the land, writing and sharing songs, filming humorous yoga tutorials as an alter ego, creating community arts events or creating Vlogs to share my journey.  

I recently traded the busy Gold Coast life for an off-grid lifestyle in Tasmania on a friend's farm.  I longed to live a simple life where I was deeply connected to nature and her rhythms, and my creativity.  

This wild, prehistoric lsland called my heart and I listened.  I left all that I knew and loved behind for the deep, remote forest where the traffic noise has been replaced with birds and the sound of the wind in the tree tops.  

If you're interested in collaborating, I offer stills, video (concept creation, filming and port production), live music and event organisation.  


With love, 



'Linda is an incredibly talented woman. From her ideas to production, the quality of work is Absolutely stunning and her message that she portrays in her images leave you thinking and so amazed . Linda's attention to detail is on point. It has been an absolute pleasure being a part of your journey. I really look forward to working with you more in the future.' - Nicole Peterson MUA


Let's talk

I'm on the Gold Coast.  

Ph: 0421 046 405